Why can't I get a price when I search fares?

Our goal is to make Indie as easy to use as possible, but sometimes you may find that it does not return a price for your route. Here are some things to try to ensure Indie has all the information it needs.

Basic requirements:
  • Make sure the date is in US format : MM/DD/YYYY . The easiest way to do this is by using the date-picker calendar icon.
  • Make sure the date is at least 1 day in advance but not more than 11 months out.
  • Make sure your itinerary has at least two stops which are different (a departure city and an arrival city).
  • Make sure you have not selected overland segments  for all your flights.

More reasons you may not be getting a fare:

1. Are you arriving at a smaller airport?

This happens when:

  • the airport is small and has only some routes operating
  • there isn’t a flight available on the date you want to fly

Solution 1:

  • Try other dates. Manually trying 3 days before and after is a good place to start because it covers all days of the week. You can also check online resources such as Openflights.org to find the routes operating at a specific airport.
An example is IPC (Easter Island). IPC has flights to/from Papeete (PPT) and Santiago (SCL), but only on certain days of the week. On other days, there are no flights, so Indie cannot give you a price. This also holds true for flights to the Pacific Islands like Samoa, Cook Islands, etc.

Solution 2:
  • Look for a larger airport nearby and try to fly there instead. Or add a stop at an airport that has flights to the smaller one to help Indie connect the dots.

An example is flights to Greenland - you may want to include a stop in Reykjavik (REK). 

2. Are you planning a simple round-trip flight?

Indie is optimized for multi-stop routes, so creating a simple round-trip is a little different than what we're used to from other websites. See how it's done here

Still having trouble? 

Email us (support@bootsnall.com), call us (1 (503) 528-1005) or skype us (@BTNskype) for help. 

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