Should I contact the airline or Indie ?

If it's an emergency, meaning that you have less than 24h before the flight, please call the airline. This is a situation where only they have the authority to help you make a change.

If it's not an emergency, and you have more than 24h before the flight, it is still a good idea to contact the airline first.

They may send you back to the ticket issuing agency - that's us, in which case, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Things to consider:

  • Be patient. You may need to hold for a long time.
  • Be kind. Agents are humans , too, and good manners will get you much further than being angry and bitter.
  • Call back if you didn't get an answer from the first try. The level of experience of the agents vary and you may want to try to call again when the shift changes.
  • Do remember that not all airlines have good English service. Ask them to speak slower. If this doesn't work, then try their London office or any of the US offices.

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